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Beste Cupcakes in Rotterdam

Er zijn 3 restaurants
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Alice In Cakeland
96/100 (119 ratings)
"I ordered some blue, ivory and gold cupcakes for my engagement party in a variety of flavors and they did not disappoint! The guests loved the taste..."
Cici Jacobino-Isenia
"I live quite far from Alice in cakeland but sometimes I will go all the way to the city center and waste more than 1h to get these cupcakes. They are..."
Ines T. Alves
"Alice in Cakeland made sure our wedding day wasn't only magical but also very delicious. Also great that they even offer cupcakes for our vegan..."
Stephan Rodts
"Went to the all you can eat event, it was great! Incredibly good-looking and obviously tasty cupcakes, friendly staff, cool prices. Had a great day..."
Monika Łucja Mońko
"Today we tasted for the first time the cupcakes ( berry lemon)and it was fantastic partner and myself enjoyed every bite ..l the best we had in..."
Maya Avital Van Walsem
"I can easily spend the whole day at Alice in Cakeland! Amazing cupcakes and the employees are super..."
Wendy Poot
"My boyfriend got me cupcakes from here for my birthday and they tasted amazing. I would definitely recommend them and I will definitely be back to..."
Amy Mc Caffrey
"Yesterday I had my first cupcake at the All you can eat event. It was amazing! The cupcakes are soo good! The staff is realy friendly. I'm coming..."
Debora Bunt
"Enorm leuke workshop gehad van een enorm enthousiaste dame. De cupcakes en icing waren heerlijk. Voor herhaling vatbaar (zowel de cupcakes als de..."
Pamela Dakkus
"Thanks for the wonderful cupcakes for the babyshower!everybody was amazed..."
Sara Blasco Tijada
"I'm so happy with Alice in Cakeland. I live in Peru and wanted to surprise somebody special in Rotterdam. He got the detail delivered at work and..."
Yajaira Menacho
"Delicious cupcakes! Great service! We will come..."
Til Ta
"I think it is a first time in my life I really enjoyed a cupcake, no overstatement! Such soft and delicious cream with flavors that are not..."
Nataliya Volosovych
"Deze cakejes zijn waanzinnig lekker zeker een aanrader om eens langs te gaan..."
Marjan De Goeij Van Noort
"The utterly delicious cupcakes with amazing flavors. Absolutely recommend it! Yes, No one can eat just..."
Priya S Arakkal