Er is maar één restaurant

Australisch keuken: de beste plekken om het te proeven in Den Haag

Er is maar één restaurant
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Lot Sixty One Coffee The Hague
92/100 (16 ratings)
"Amazing coffee with a lively atmosphere and good music makes for a perfect coffee shop experience. The space is small but it's definitely worth going..."
Larisa Poplawski Malagari
"5 stars when served with a "smize" (smiling eyes). 😉 In the morning cue I am impatient. Then when I order I gasp for air. When my hand reaches, my..."
Annemieke Jonas
"lovely place with a chilled atmophere! One of the best coffees i ever drank! Nice!..."
Karen Kandzia
"I discovered this little gem 2 years ago when I was visiting Amsterdam. Had to come back to Amsterdam this week just to drink their coffee again...."
Sandy Lendvaj
"Just happened to walk by this little gem on the way to Vondelpark after a delightful meal at Foodhallen and I have to say this was the best coffee..."
Sh Arp
"Excellent coffee and friendly staff every time I visit this..."
Jérémie Ragois
"Love it..Wonderful coffee..One of the very best of our..."
Maria Ines Villasmil
"My all favourite coffee place. Let's say I divide my coffee drinking era into before I visited Lot Sixty One and after. Now I am so picky. Thank you..."
Tioma Sobol
"Koffie top, Meiden geweldig! Gasten... ok hahahaha!..."
Niels Wagener
"Been there one year before. Best coffee i've ever had and staff so friendly! Unfortunately i can't remember which coffee I bought back then but I..."
Dana Mite
"Fijne mensen die er werken en een cappo smaakt elke keer weer..."
Vivian Samallo
"As I'd call myself an obsessed with coffee, surely that's the place to savor it! We (I &a friend of mine) accidentally hit this cafe. Undubiously..."
Vasilis Papadopoulos
"Outstanding, everything from the product, service and vibe of the place was outstanding. Highly..."
Glen Hordern